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Your virtual IT Department

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Access Point can become your external IT Manager

Access Point can become your external IT Manager at a fraction of what it would cost you to employ an internal manager. Once problem crops up, we are just a phone call away and you can let us handle the issue while you concentrate on your work.


Access Point can become your IT Department - an efficient and economical solution where you enjoy the benefits of having access to multiple technicians, providing a wide range of skills, for as little or as much time as support of your systems would require.


With our Virtual IT Department Package, you will gain:-

  • On-site, remote and telephone support
  • Systems and network maintenance
  • Rapid response to system failures
  • Automated monitoring facilities enabling proactive response
  • Advice & guidance for management


One big advantage that comes with such a solution is the fact that since our technicians are working at many different sites across a wide range of industries, they are constantly experiencing newtechnical issues and scenarios. This acquired experience will be made available to you and directly injected into your company.