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    Acting as your virtual IT department we supply IT support services and advice. Providing you with a personal small business service without the need to...  Read More


Our list of services

IT Services

For many companies, a dedicated in-house IT department makes very good sense. Other companies prefer to outsource the IT function. It's not simply the cost savings - though they can be considerable. They know that by using our Virtual IT Department, they can put experts on the case whenever they need them. No training overheads, no holidays, no supervision. And no losing key IT staff, seeking career improvement. Outsourcing means quantifiable costs, easier budgeting and access to the highest quality... Read More
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Backup and Replication

Cloud Data backups There is no better peace of mind for any business than knowing that its data and processes are always backed up and no matter what happens, there is always someone on call prepared to ensure business continuity.   In the event of a crisis, be it a physical or a technical one, data and its back-up are the most crucial. Without them, many resources and hard-earned information will be lost forever.   At Access Point, we don’t just sort out the... Read More
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IT Manager Support

And even if your company already has an IT Department, we will be very happy to work with your people to support your in-house skills if specific and challenging technical situations should unexpectedly crop up.   Access Point can also be assigned to take over basic IT support which will free up your key people who can then be depolyed for other tasks more central to your operations.   Time is money and never as much as today... Read More
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