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We are a fully comprehensive company that supplies any kind of hardware, from the most basic IT to datacentre equipment. Our portfolio of brands includes exclusive access to leading software in Anti-virus, Anti-Spam, infrustructure management and more.

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Do you like to see how things work with your own eyes instead of just reading about them? We get it. Join us for this quick, 6-minute demo to learn how organizations just like yours use Netwrix solutions on a daily basis to ensure the security of their sensitive data and pass compliance audits with less effort and expense.

As its name implies, the use of VMware – or ‘Virtual Machine’ ware – creates a virtual machine on your computer. This can help businesses better manage their resources and make them more efficient. Indeed, the use of ‘virtualisation’ on a business server has many advantages, including reduced IT costs. Virtualisation also enables businesses to get the most out of their investment in hardware and resources by using various constraints, scheduling and partitioning to increase the flexibility of the computing environment.

VMware allows businesses to run multiple application and operating system workloads on the one server – thus enabling better resource management. By creating a virtual machine that behaves exactly like an actual computer – VMware also allows everything running on that virtual machine to run in its own window. This means IT service providers can install an operating system and the software of their choice on as many ‘virtual machines’ as they like – with each one stored as a file on the hard drive.

One of the biggest advantages of running VMware is you can install and test software without it affecting your actual computer.


AURES POS solutions consist in PC-based hardware and open-system equipment which provide management and till functions to any point of sale and point of service: food and non-food stores & shops, retail outlets, superstores and supermarkets, catering and hospitality businesses, snacking and take away outlets, leisure and sport venues, etc.

  • Integration of the most advanced technologies
  • Reliability and durability are guaranteed  through appropriate selection of components
  • Modular architectures enable customizable, flexible and upgradable equipment, allowing easy installation and maintenance, on the long run.
  • Quality recyclable materials (aluminium and polycarbonate)
  • Mobility solutions
  • Front and back office systems
  • Associated & coordinated peripherals
  • Digital signage and display equipment

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