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Cloud Data backups

There is no better peace of mind for any business than knowing that its data and processes are always backed up and no matter what happens, there is always someone on call prepared to ensure business continuity.


In the event of a crisis, be it a physical or a technical one, data and its back-up are the most crucial. Without them, many resources and hard-earned information will be lost forever.


At Access Point, we don’t just sort out the occasional IT problem. We also offer today’s solutions for today’s requirements. One such requirement is cloud data backup, contrary to the traditional and more expensive forms of back-up.


Especially convenient for small and medium-sized companies or organizations, a cloud data backup avoids having to undertake capital expenditures for additional hardware.


We will visit your premises to meet with you, discuss your requirements, assess where you want to take your business and propose the most cost-effective cloud storage package that best uit your expectations.



Cloud VM backups and replication

When it comes to data, it is all about knowing that you can carry on with your business with peace of mind that whatever happens, none of your data will be lost.


This is why Access Point can assist you identify and set up your own Cloud VM backups and replicas off site without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure. We will provide you with a fully integrated, fast and secure way to backup, replicate and restore from the cloud.

Whether you are running dedicated hardware or a virtualized environment, we will source the best solution for you. We use a combination of best in breed products from reputable vendors in order to deliver reliable enterprise grade backups, de-duplication, and even cross site replication to any world-wide Internet Data Centre.

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