Your Virtual IT Department

What we do

We have spent the last 13 years building a company that is comprehensive and fully operational. Our vision has always been to cater to a niche in the industry and provide clientele with all their IT needs under one roof. As a result, we have carefully curated our services to target specific market requirements.


IT Services


IT Hardware Supply


Backup and Replication


IT Manager

Website and Email Hosting

We offer web development services that caiter your business requirements and suggest ideal website solutions. We also can provide our own secure payment gateway for your e-commerce transactions.

We provide various website and email hosting packages, including Office 365.

IT Services

Acting as your virtual IT department we supply IT support services and advice. Providing you with a personal small business service without the need to invest in a full time employee and without trying to chase a support professional, our helpdesk is manned during business hours and are there to answer any IT related question you may have.

Backup and Replication

Whether you are running dedicated hardware or a virtualized environment, we will source the best solution for you. We use a combination of best in breed products from reputable vendors in order to deliver reliable enterprise grade backups, de-duplication, and even cross site replication to any world-wide Internet Data Centre.

IT Manager Support

Access Point can also be assigned to take over basic IT support which will free up your key people who can then be depolyed for other tasks more central to your operations.

Digital signage

In addition to the array of digital signage we supply, we also offer services dedicated to the management of displayed content.

Augmented Reality

In today’s digital world, printed materials still have the power to make an impact. They just need bringing to life. We can offer genARate which is an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) platform that transforms your existing 2D content into exciting, interactive 3D experiences.


We are AURES’s official partners in Malta.


AURES is an IT manufacturer providing a complete range of ergonomic hardware solutions for the POS market and KIOSK sector.

IT Software and Hardware Supply

We are a fully comprehensive company that supplies any kind of hardware, from the most basic IT to datacentre equipment.


Our portfolio of brands includes exclusive access to leading software in Anti-virus, Anti-Spam, infrustructure management and more.

Business Continuity

Our server room is fully equipped with constant AC ventilation, a 9KVA UPS and a generator, ensuring optimal performance.


We also offer a functional office space that is fully equipped to host 7-8 professionals to work, in case any IT disaster should arise.

About Access Point

Access Point was founded in 2007 by Ian Debattista, Managing Director with over 18 years experienced in the industry. Ian was responsible for supporting the Network Infrastructure of one of the leading audit firms in Malta with over 130 users. 

As the founder of Access Point, he was also responsible for providing IT support for all the audit firm’s clients. Building on this, his vision was to provide SMEs with honest and reliable IT support – understanding the necessity of this service on a freelance basis at affordable prices.

Since then, Access Point has grown into a professional IT company that now serves over 80 SMEs. With a team of carefully chosen IT professionals, the company takes pride in its position as one of the leading IT service providers on the island, with a mission to provide an honest and reliable service to SMEs at a minimal cost.